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    The background project is a documentary film featuring interviews of people met on the road, asking all one same question,

    as well as a series of large photos, trying to portray the diversity and beauties of the country and its culture.

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ooamerica movie trailer vid

ooAmerica – the movie trailer

A first version of the movie trailer for a potential documentary of the road-trip. It is indeed set to Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger, the music of the movie Rocky. In the next weeks, I’ll post a few preview pics of the large ooamerica photos before, maybe, hitting the road again… ooamerica.com has now moved … Continue reading


www.ooamerica.com becomes www.ooaworld.com

http://www.ooamerica.com becomes http://www.ooaworld.com Hi all, this is a very important post for ooamerica.com as it is the LAST. But it is also the first of two things: the announcement of the launch of http://www.ooaworld.com, and of an entire new adventure, in Asia this time. Expect to see a similar, and hopefully improved – and certainly … Continue reading


American Portraits, USA Road-Trip: The ‘North’ Glaciers

Eighth set of American ‘portraits’ featuring interviewees during the USA road-trip(s): the ‘North’ including Idaho, Montana, Wyoming. Two more to go! For more information on these portraits and the project read previous posts in the series. Featured here, and special thanks to them (city corresponds to where I met them, not always where they’re from): … Continue reading


American Portraits: Deserts-Rockies, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah

Happy holidays / Happy New Year, best wishes for all your resolutions and endeavors! 2013 promises to be an exciting year for ooamerica.com, with the final posts of the American Portraits series, the upcoming release of the movie / documentary, a fully revamped website, and a brand new adventure to another part of the world. … Continue reading


American Portraits, USA Road-Trip: Midwest and Heartland

Sixth set of American ‘portraits’ featuring interviewees during the USA road-trip(s): two ‘regions,’ the Midwest and Heartland including Indiana, Chicago IL, northern Kentucky, Iowa, Kansas City and Kansas. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all! The following blurb of text is the same for other posts in this American portraits series, spare yourself the second … Continue reading


American Portraits, USA Road-Trip: ‘Deep’ South

Fifth set of American ‘portraits’ featuring interviewees during the USA road-trip(s): second post of the South, dubbed ‘Deep,’ including Atlanta GA, Alabama, Mississippi and Memphis, and Arkansas. The following blurb of text is the same for other posts in this American portraits series, spare yourself the second read and please share! These will serve as … Continue reading

Martinez, Savannah

American Portraits, USA Road-Trip: ‘Old’ South (Georgia)

Fourth set of American ‘portraits’ featuring interviewees during the USA road-trip(s): Divided the South in two regions so here’s the ‘Old South’, including Savannah and Athens, Georgia. The following blurb of text is the same for other posts in this American portraits series, spare yourself the second read and please share! These will serve as … Continue reading

HipHopartist2, Miami

American Portraits, USA Road Trip: Florida and Gulf

Third set of American ‘portraits’ featuring interviewees during the USA road-trip(s): I’ve chosen to group together Florida and the Gulf (New Orleans). The following blurb of text is the same for other posts in this American portraits series, spare yourself the second read and please share! These will serve as way of introduction for some … Continue reading

KellySlater video interview

Surf champion Kelly Slater answers “What’s your Life Philosophy?” on ooamerica.com

Short interview with surfing champion Kelly Slater. Wasn’t planning on posting any more video clips from the USA road-trip but ran into Slater at Pipeline, on Oahu’s North Shore, during the Vans Triple Crown 2012 surfing contest (which was then taking place at Sunset Beach nearby). Slater has won the Association of Surfing Professionals’ (ASP) World … Continue reading

1-Carolyn, Chapel Hill

American Portraits, USA Road-Trip: East Coast, Carolinas

Second set of American ‘portraits’ and largest from a given region visited during the USA road-trip(s): East Coast and Carolinas (list of names at bottom). + I ran into a ‘celebrity’ who was willing to answer the question “What’s your philosophy in life?” so will be posting a surprise ‘Epilogue’ video very soon. The following … Continue reading

Christie, Washington DC

American Portraits, USA Road-Trip: Northeast

And we are back so let’s hit the ground driving with the first set of American ‘portraits’ from the USA road-trip(s): first off, the Northeast. These will serve as way of introduction for some of the interviewees featured in the movie and hopefully give viewers an idea of the demographics encountered – and through that … Continue reading

ooamerica USA Road Trip: Thanks, Portraits, Movie and Photos

Hi, I hope everybody’s doing well, enjoying summer / winter. If it’s your first time on ooamerica, welcome to the road! If not, welcome back!   It’s been a fun and wild adventure, and though the full project is not over yet, I’d like to extend   Some Thanks: -       to the people who contributed … Continue reading


Travel Drawings: Road sketches, part 2

Sketches from the road including scenes from Little Rock, Kansas City, Denver… or check the ooa revo blog for some post-trip ooaddles.


Travel Drawings: ooaddles prior to part 2 USA Road-Trip

Some ooaddles from before the departure, part 2 of the USA road-trip, a few sketches from the road coming next:


Travel Photos: ooamerica USA Road Trip, Road Textures

Some last ‘road textures’ from part 2 of the USA road trip. If you’d like to see more I’ve created a page featuring most of them from part 1 and part 2.


Travel Photos – Los Angeles’ Angels

A few pictures from LA. Will shortly be posting some last textures from the road.

Ooamerica: USA Road Trip (2), an Epilogue, My Life Philosophy?

June 15th All in all, it’s been a great trip. But I know there’ve also been a lot of hard times. That the frictions of travel have at times exposed Redrik and I to our worst enemies, however cliché it sounds: the worst of ourselves. That we did in fact make it, and pulled through … Continue reading


Road Video 33(2) – LA, Hollywood Arrival

Final video chapter of the ooamerica USA Road-Trip, part 2: arriving and celebrating in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, some interviews and ‘paparazzi’ work around Hollywood. A bunch of footage is from my last visit to LA, for which I hadn’t posted a video.

The Diaries: LA, an end to a USA Road Trip

There’s something scary about what comes last, or is it something scary about all things that must end: a perhaps unpleasant facet of reality we must all learn to accept, sooner or later.   I’ve previously alluded to this in stories of loss and renewal, but an end is not a loss. It is, to … Continue reading


Road Video 33 (1) – San Francisco: Mission Peace

Short video featuring shots and interviews from the Redwoods and San Francisco, Mission District, Golden Gate and Chinatown.


The Diaries: Redwoods, San Francisco, Steinbeck and the Beach

May 14th Left Portland yesterday, first headed South on the freeway, before meeting up with the coast as the evening settled in, accompanied by tumbles of clouds and fog. The beam from a lighthouse circles timidly, wrapped in shrouds of mist. Monolithic sea stacks stand lone against the breaking waves. Though undoubtedly beautiful during the … Continue reading


Travel Photos: Portland summer, Oregon beaches

Photos from Portland and Oregon.


Road Video 32(2) – Strip of Portland, Oregon Coast

Video featuring shots from Portland and the Oregon coast, interviews with a park ranger, diver, business exec and dancer. Music mix by Rafael Murillo.

The Diaries: Conversations from a Portland Strip Club

May 13th “I remember this group brought their mothers in for Mother’s Day.” “What? To a titty bar?” “Swear it’s the truth, they were sitting right there,” pointing indiscriminately at one of the tables.   We’ve spent the last three days in Portland. Redrik and I are sitting at the bar of the Acropolis. It’s … Continue reading


Travel Photos: Seattle Market, Needle, Snow

Just a few pictures; next up, Portland and the Oregon coast.


Road Video 32 (1) – Northwest, Seattle Market

Short video from a visit to Seattle and area. “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen.


Travel Photos: Glacier National Park

Some photos from Glacier Park, although the ‘Going to the Sun’ road was closed, and on to Washington and Oregon.